Kae In-Home Shoot


Kae is one of my oldest friends and perhaps the kindest. She is kind in the giving, selfless, quiet, unassuming way that goes beyond being "nice". She is kind in a way that makes it seem as though kind is the only way she knows how to be. I've known her since I was 9 or 10 years old and every day she has encouraged me by example to walk slower and see the magic in all things. She's also an extremely talented artist and the most creative person I know. Her way to seeing the world and bringing ideas to life is awe-inspiring. I've always felt like there were worlds inside of her that she shares through her art. 

There is so much to this little human that I could never express in words. I wanted the chance to try to capture a bit of her magic with my camera and so we spent a few hours hanging out in her room chatting, drink tea, and taking pictures. I wanted to capture her in her natural environment, doing the things I often associate with her.